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Managed to capture an impromptu performance of the last movement of Squabble last week. I am very lucky to have such amazing young players to work with. Immy and Poppy have performed this piece a fair few times now but we hadn’t played it for about 5 weeks when we did this on the HertsContinue reading “Squabble”

Two v One!

for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano I have decided to share a synthesised recording of Two v One today and give a little explanation of the piece. The recording is pretty good but there are a couple of moments in the cadenzas that are a bit strange e.g grace notes in the clarinet solo near theContinue reading “Two v One!”

The Doom Bar

Am currently editing the score for Doom Bar which is a piece I wrote a while ago now and it has some really interesting myth and legend behind it. The Doom Bar is a sand spit at the mouth of the Camel Estuary near Padstow in Cornwall. Many ships have been wrecked there which hasContinue reading “The Doom Bar”

Flute Eek!

I wrote Flute Eek! a while ago now and have just come across this great performance of the piece by Hampshire Flute Choir. Thought I would update the blog with it and add to the recordings page. Thanks to everyone involved with the performance below. Always really appreciate the effort that goes into these thingsContinue reading “Flute Eek!”

US Premiere of Repartee

Have just enjoyed the US premiere of Repartee. Some wonderful playing in this recital by Dr. Shauna Kay Thompson. Please see below for the entire recital. Really enjoyed dropping into the TCU virtual flute festival today. Lovely to see!

Repartee – US premiere

Very excited to share that Repartee for Solo Flute will receive it’s US premiere at Texas Christian University (TCU) Virtual Flute Festival. Performed by the brilliant Shauna Kay Thompson as part of her recital this event takes place on 10th April 2021. To register for this event go to: As with all performers ofContinue reading “Repartee – US premiere”

Upcoming performances

Looking forward to a number of performances of my works coming up in the future. Including the premiere of Hide and Seek for Youth Voices and Orchestra and the US premiere of Repartee for Solo Flute. More details to follow. Here is a synthesised version of Hide and Seek: Hide and Seek to be performedContinue reading “Upcoming performances”

Current work insights

21/2/2021: Creative output is an incredibly important part of my life and I am always grateful that I have the opportunity to create music for many different people and groups. I have been working with Improvising Generations (BEEE Creative) over the last couple of weeks to create new music for a short online film andContinue reading “Current work insights”

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