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The original MattSmithMusic site is now unavailable. This new site powered through WordPress will take some time to set-up. Please click the “Learn more” link to be redirected to United Music Publishing’s webpage for information on Matt and his music.

1st August 2021 – New Blog post on Two v One available. Here is the link: https://mattsmithmusic.com/2021/08/01/two-v-one/ plus the recording for a quick listen:

Two v One (Synth)

24th June 2021 – New blog post on The Doom Bar available. Here is the sound for a quick listen

14/3/21 – A new little piece for Piano to share. Composed for Improvising Generations

Spring Prelude – Improvising Generations

Update 18/2/2021 – Some new music for Improvising Generations. Film to follow.

Improvising Generations – Mandalas

21/2/2021 Lovely recording of Folk Song by Anna. Thanks for sharing! Also included in new blog post.

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