Sonata 5.5 for Piccolo and Piano

So a new Piccolo Sonata is underway and I thought I would share some thoughts about it! I had originally written Sonata No.5 but I wasn’t happy with it so it was great when Christie Beard asked me to write another one with the influence of my feelings about Brexit. She managed to light somewhat of a fire as I have quite strong views on the idiotic decision for Britain to leave the EU and this piece has helped voice some of these as I tend not to stray into politics to often! There isn’t really a story board with this piece but there are moments of mocking at the British establishment with a deep feeling of frustration and anger at the decision. The piece is not finished yet but thought I would share a few images of it:

Hopefully this will be premiered in Chicago at the 2022 NFA convention!

Sonata 5.5 for Piccolo and Piano – Current opening
Part of first section
Main theme – lyrical version

Will try to upload some audio in the near future! And get the piece finished!

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