Composing Futures

A level and GCSE composition help is available through Composing Futures. You could be a student, a teacher or a parent who is looking for help with the composing part of exams. You could also be a student who is just interested in learning to start to write for different ensembles and is curious about where to start.

Not only is this a fascinating creative process to start it is also a starting point to try to understand yourself and bring meaning to your music making. How does music engage with you and your audience? what are you trying to say? and how do I feel music? and so many more questions can start to be answered if you engage with the creative process that Matt has worked with from the start of his composing career.

Other questions such as “How to get published?” and “How can I get people to play my works?” can also be explored as you become more confident with writing and decide to take the risk and put your music in the public domain.

Above all it is about helping you to understand how you write a piece and while this is an individual process for everyone there are key things to understand and try to do in order for you to start the process of composing music.

Developed by Matt at Sir John Lawes School, Harpenden, Composing Futures is a programme of classes designed to help students undertaking GCSE and A level music with the composition aspect of the qualification. The programme’s aim is to establish and develop a process for creating new music through emotional engagement and live performance. Currently a six week (half a term) course this can be adapted for almost any requirement and provides a chance for many students to experience writing music for live performance and recording for the first time.

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