Current work insights

21/2/2021: Creative output is an incredibly important part of my life and I am always grateful that I have the opportunity to create music for many different people and groups. I have been working with Improvising Generations (BEEE Creative) over the last couple of weeks to create new music for a short online film and a monthly workshop. Covid 19 has halted so many creative activities around the world so I know that I am incredibly lucky to still be working in the music industry. Having an 8 and 6 year old being homeschooled during the current lockdown certainly provides a challenge but have managed to find a couple of ‘quietish’ moments to work at some new material. Here is a link to BEEE Creatives Improvising Generations page:

I am considering starting an online composition stream where people can watch and ask questions about how I create music. Any thoughts below in the comments would be very much appreciated regarding this! I think more discussion about how we create sound and music is needed and could benefit everybody.

Lastly for today – I found a recording of Folk Song in Musical Moments Book 2 on Youtube. Thought I would share. Thanks to Anna Prasannan for recording this!

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