Performances featuring my works and me playing along with scheduled concerts with the Kariosa Ensemble and the Barnet Band

Academic Year 2014-15:


23rd August 2014: British Flute Society Convention: Christine Beard and Tim Carey performing 'To the Nth Degree...'

29 - 31st August: Peak District Flute Courses:  World Premiere of Sonata No.4 for Piccolo and Piano by Matt Smith and Zoe Smith and performance of Flute Eek!

2014/15; World Premiere of The 'Doom Bar' - part one of Four Cornish Legends for Concert Band

1-2nd November 2014: San Francisco Flute Society: Performances of 'To the Nth Degree...' by Nicole Esposito and Sonata No.4 for Piccolo and Piano by Christine Beard

13 December 2014: Barnet Band Winter Concert 

2015: Kariosa Recital