Sonata No.4 for Piccolo and Piano 3rd Movement - Peter Verhoyen, Piccolo and Carlos A. Salmerón, Piano:



New O performed by Mid Herts Music Centre Flute Ensemble: 



Flute Eek! performed by the Flutes of the Peak District Flute Course



To the Nth Degree...(Sonata No.3 for Piccolo and Piano)

Performed at UNO by the two Cs at the International Piccolo Symposium 2013


You Tube videos of Dr Christine Beard playing Sonatas 1 and 2 for Piccolo and Piano




A live performance of Squall

 Click here to download this file


Dr.Christine Beard playing extracts from Sonatas 1 and 2 for Piccolo and Piano:


Something a little different that I had to write for a film music course.  This is the title music for a programme called 'The Science of Lying'. 



A recording of a piece I wrote for my girlfriend.  It is called 'Fanfare for A' and is scored for two trumpets and is based on Stravinsky's 'Fanfare for a New Theatre'.  The two trumpet players are Alix Ross and Danny Stone and it was recorded at Surrey University Studio One by Owen Bartholomew