Various reviews of pieces

 In 2013 Matt was awarded 1st place in the Jan Gippo International Piccolo Composition Competition for his new work 'To the Nth Degree...'.  Please see the performance page for recordings of this work.


Reviewer: Nancy Nourse.  Performer: Christine Beard Flute Focus April 2012 (from review on the 1st European Piccolo Symposium)

"...The most interesting works, however, were Canadian Derek Charke's Lachrymose and England's Matt Smith's Sonata no.2 for piccolo and piano. Throughout Smith's first movement, right from its opening statement in which the sustained tones of the piccolo are given a percussive articulation by the unison doubling in the piano, there is a sustained restlessness both in rhythm and tonality, which only finally unwinds in the last few bars of the movement. Christine's soliloquy beginning the Lento was beautifully expressive, as were the ensuing bursts of rhythmic octaves. Most of the third movement displayed long fluid lines and an extended cadenza, but it closed quietly, reflecting upon the same unison passage of the opening, as though the whole work had been part of a dream sequence..."



Pan Magazine (Journal of the British Flute Society) Autumn 2007
Reviewer: Carla Rees

Music Teacher Magazine Summer 2007:
Reviewer: Anna Wolstenholme

'Wind' Magazine Summer 2007:  
Reviewer: Susan Milan