Catalogue Information:

MSM 1: Sonata No.1 for Piccolo and Piano (UMP)

MSM 2: Squall for Flute and Piano (UMP)

MSM 3: Sonata No.2 for Piccolo and Piano

MSM 4: Sonata for Bass Clarinet and Piano

MSM 5: Folk Melodies for Woodwind Ensemble

MSM 6: Riptide for Alto Flute and Piano

MSM 7: Squabble for Flute Trio

MSM 8: Castle Suite for Woodwind Quartet and Piano

MSM 9: Flute Eek! for large C Flute Choir

MSM 10: Sonata No.3 for Piccolo and Piano (To the Nth Degree…)

MSM 11: New O for large C Flute Choir

MSM 12: Sonata No.4 for Piccolo and Piano

MSM 13: Doom Bar (Cornish Legends for Concert Band)

MSM 14: Disturb for Woodwind Ensemble

MSM 15: Two v One for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano

MSM 16: X Marks the Spot for Junior Wind Band

MSM 17: Chatterbox! for Flute Choir (C Flute and Alto)


 Trinity Guildhall:

'Folk Song', Musical Moments flute book 2, Trinity Performer's series, Trinity Guildhall, ISBN 9780857361912

'Mantas', Musical Moments flute book 4, Trinity Performer's series, Trinity Guildhall, ISBN 9780857361936

'Afterlight', Musical Moments flute book 5, Trinity Performer's series, Trinity Guildhall, ISBN 9780857361943


 Information on selected works: 

Squall. UMP £6.95

Flute and Piano
ISMN M224405927
Duration: 6-7 mins

Squall was written in response to an experience I had while on holiday in Kefalonia with my family when I was around fifteen. We were sitting on the balcony, playing cards in the apartments we were staying in at the base of Mount Ainos. All of a sudden a furnace like air rushed through the apartments and all of our cards were scattered and we spent the next half an hour looking through bushes for the cards. This was caused by the cooling of hot air which had risen to the top of the mountain during that day. It really was like standing in front of an oven and an experience I will never forget. 

The other image I have for this piece is a small boat at sea being caught out by a sudden Squall and the panic that ensues with this and the relief when the storm passes.

The premiere took place at the GSMD in an Ian Clarke contempory flute class and was performed by myself and Catherine Milledge


Sonata No.1 for Piccolo and Piano. UMP £9.95
ISMN M224405910
Duration: 10 mins

The first piece I actually properly completed was this sonata for piccolo and piano. I started the third movement while I was doing A levels at school but I did not get around to writing the two other movements and completing the third movement until I was halfway through my first year at the GSMD. The first performance took place at the annual piccolo concert at the Guildhall in 2004 and was performed by Claire Robson (piccolo) and Phillip Shannon. 

The first movement is a gentle flowing Allegretto which is then followed by an eerie solo second movement which could be played on its own without the outer movements. The title of Improvisation means just that. Therefore feel free to pull the tempo around, add bits etc. The third movement is fiery Vivace which pulls its influence from traditional Irish music and minimalism and also brings back the main theme from the first movement.

The piece has been added to the Trinity Guildhall exam board syllabus for Grades 7 (1st movement) and 8 (2nd and 3rd movements). 

Sonata No.2 for Piccolo and Piano. MSM £11.95
Duration: 13 mins

First performed at the GSMD in the annual piccolo concert in July 2006 by Fiona Paterson (piccolo) and Rosie Richardson.

The two piccolo sonatas are being recorded for Dr Christine Beards (Omaha, NE) debut CD entitled "Souvenirs-21st Century works for Piccolo" which is scheduled for release in 2008.

Sonata for Bass Clarinet and Piano
. MSM £10.95
Available at the moment upon request
Duration: 10 mins

While on tour in Italy with the GSMD Symphony Orchestra in January 2007 I was asked by a clarinet player called Lindsey Iles to write her a piece for Bass Clarinet and Piano. A three movement sonata then followed and Lindsey performed the piece as part of her M.Mus bass clarinet recital in the summer of 2007